Topic: Multiclass Comp 2010

A few big days

Days 4 and 5 of the Multiclass Comp have been run. They were “big” days with pilots achieving amazing speeds. On day 4, Bruce Taylor’s raw average speed was 170.9 km/hr – the fastest anyone had flown in an Australian national comp.

On day 5, Bruce went a few km/hr faster, but was behind Lars Zehnder whose raw average was 177 km/hr. More details are on Soaring Spot.

Monday 6th has been declared a rest day. It’s still hot but 50 knot winds are forecast.

Not much been reaching this blog, as club members have been busy making the multiclass competition happen. Fortunately Mandy Wilson has been updating the blog at

A couple of quotes from Mandy’s news:

“I decided to fly faster today so I cruised at 120kts and eased off a bit when I got down to 7000′.”

“I flew faster than I’ve ever flown before, and at a speed that would have been a world record a few years ago. Today I finished mid-field.”

Multi Class day 2 & 3

Wednesday 6th January 2010
Results from Day 2
Open Class – Cancelled

18 meter class – Cancelled

Standard Class – Cancelled

15 meter class – Terry Cubley Adelaide SC AAT distance 318Km in a time of 3hrs:05 average speed 102.7km/h

Task Day 2.

Designated Start – Bakara – Peebinga – Overland Corner – Waikerie Finish – Task length: 166.7km/437.0km (295.3km)

The other three classes were cancelled on the grid as the temperature had not broken through early enough for us to launch. We are obligated to give all the classes a fair period of lift for the estimated time to complete the task. In the end the day did go a little longer than expected however the sea breeze effect did come through on track later in the day. A difficult day for the operations committee.

Thursday 7th January 2010
Results from Day 3
Open Class – Eric HEINONEN  Finland  ASG 29  3hrs:49 at a speed of 130.3km/h Distance 497.6km

18 meter class – Lars ZEHNDER  Darling Downs SC  Ventus 2cx 4hrs:05 at a speed of 125.4km/h Distance 512.7km

Standard Class – Michael DURRANT Geelong GC  LS 8t 3:39:26 at a speed of 121.8km/h Distance 445.6km

15 meter class – John BUCHANAN Kingaroy SC  ASG 29  3hrs:31 at a speed of 121.8km/h Distance 429.5km

Task Day 3.

Open – 18 Meter

Designated Start – Swan Reach  57.7km – Nangiloc  252.6km – Lindsay River 130.0km – Waikerie Finish  90.7km for a Total: 531.1km

Standard – 15 Meter

Swan Reach – Wentworth – Waikerie Finish Task length: 445.6km

Ok so it’s day 3 for the comp and third day 15 Meter having flow yesterday but for the majority of the fleet it is still only their second day to fly. I checked the speeds exactly the same for Standard and 15 Meter; amazing. The organisations seems to be running well, we launched the entire grid in 1hr:05

Multi Class day 1

Tuesday 5th January 2010 Day 1.

Results from the practice day
Open Class – IDJ David Jansen Kingaroy SC – ASG 29E – 321.1 km average 125.7 km/hr

18 meter class – Tony Tabart Corangamite SC – GVM Ventus 2cxM – 321.1 km average 114.8 km/hr

Standard Class – Peter Temple Adelaide SC – LS 8 XGL – 291.5 km average116.6 km/hr

15 meter class – David Pietsch Canberra GC – ASW 20 GZZ – 290.4 km average 116.9 km/hr.

Task Day 1.

Open / 18 meter
Wki Wanbi 69 km Lake Culluleraine 131 km Wki 145 km (345 km)

Standard / 15 meter
Wki Wanbi 69 km Karrawinna 135 km Wki 155 (359 km)

Multi Class Practice Day

Monday 4th January 2010 Practice day
Official briefing held in our distinctive igloo hangar come workshop; commenced just after 9am. This is our opportunity to pass on important information to the pilots and crews. Where and how to marshal, and what are the landing options. The organizing committee appears to have past the initial shake down with only a printer problem delaying the handing out of task briefing sheets. After all practice day is for the organization, launch operations and pilots. Glider gridding, launching and tug operations all worked well with the 6 tugs doing the job in about 90 minutes. We have 53 entries and the list will be updated on the web soon.
Task: Standard Class Racing Class- Triangle 299.4 km
TP1. Sandalwood – 85.1km
TP2. Lindsay River – 123.5km
Finish. Waikerie – 90.7km

Task: Open – 18M – Triangle 344.6km
TP 1. Wanbi – 69.4km
TP2. Lake Cullulleraine – 130.4km
Finish, Waikerie – 144.8km
All the pilots are back and now busy with the simple task of uploading flight information to our remote web site You will be able to see the scores on this site at the end of each days flying at

Coaching Performance Week 2009

Saturday 26th December 09
Boxing day – I finish packing the car and a couple of hours drive to Waikerie; arriving around 10:30 it is very quiet. Within a few hours the gang had arrived including many of the performance week participants. If you were in orbit you could look down and we would appear to be ants running everywhere, rigging glider, finding tie downs and setting up accommodation. The pace has increased because we have lots of preparation still to do for the Nationals. A passenger arrives, flown by David and Mike Ridge from Brisbane would like a orientation flight with Craig. I am happy to oblige on the tug end of the rope. John cooks tea and all seems to return to normal – bar conversation and meeting old friends once again.
Sunday 27th December 09
Early start around 7am with both the tug and ASK21 undergoing preparations for first launch. First launch delayed due to flat front tyre on the 21 – having ripped the valve out of the tube as it tends to do if the glider is landed and pushed onto the front wheel when flat. Seven (7) check flights with our Japanese members and they can’t wait to get in the air, pulling all their gliders out later in the day. John Ridge has been doing a lot of work on the tie down area re-fixing cables and new fittings to long lost watering points.
Monday 28th December 09
Performance week has commenced with a large contingent of (30 to 40) pilots all wanting to improve their flying, dust out the cobwebs or gain some valuable practice for the Nationals. After a briefing and morning lecture a short warm up task has been set – Wki Allawoona Renmark Woolpunda Wki (193k). Teams were allocated and lots of lead follow and pair flying occurred, this was the pattern for the rest of the week.
Tuesday 29th December 09
Enjoyed the morning lecture you can gain lots of knowledge from the information that is being shared around. Today’s task will be a 300 – WKI Swanreach Morkalla Woolpunda WKI (302k) It was a blue day but plenty of other glider to keep us company. Best lift was over the border with heights up to 7500ft and most pilots were pleased with their flying. Evening debrief included what was the best part of the flight, what did you learn and what mistakes will you not make again.
Wednesday 30th December 09
At last the day we have been waiting for. Weather predictions can be inaccurate or sometimes just plain wrong. Today the long range weather forecaster got it right. Light winds high temperatures and a possibility of rain showers in the north of the state, that means we could get CU around WKI and we did. A 500k task was set and we were in the air around 12:30. – WKI Meringur Wanbi Burra WKI (518). The first two legs were very good working a height band of between 4 and 8000ft; sometimes higher with a few climbs above 9000ft. Now on track for Burra via The Gums the clouds were dying off. A big gap across the donga on the eastern side of the river above Blanchetown caused some concern. Pushed into the un-landable territory for a while but did not finding any consistent lift and getting down to decision height, turning at Mount Mary and headed East again picking up a good climb over Cadell. I then had my sights set on Renmark but had a great run using only two climbs to reach Renmark. I had plenty of time left in the day so pushed on back into Victoria again for the second time today. Turned Lindsay River and headed home via Renmark aerodrome looking for another climb back to 7500ft. Finding some good climbs to the East of Lake Bonney I had more than enough height for a final glide home. Modified task WKI Meringur Wanbi Mt Mary Lindsay River (565k) in just over 5 hours.
Thursday 31st December 09
Task was WKI Notts Well Wunkar Woolpunda WKI (126.7) tough day, plenty of lift available to around 5 or 6000ft very rough air today and huge amounts of sink everywhere, I think today is one of those pay back days when more air is going down than up. The idea was to keep us close so that we could be home in time for a huge New Years Eve.
Friday & Saturday were Nationals comp prep days for many of the Waikerie members. Congratulations to those performance week and overseas visiting pilots that did fly, as the weather was cool and windy around 27 knots on the Saturday.
Sunday 3rd of January 10
Bernard left for Balaclava in his ASH saying after flying for 10 straight days he needed to take the glider home for a rest and a bit of a clean up. The majority of the Nationals pilots arrived and were preparing their gliders for an afternoon shake down. I was working on the 08 runway (Calthrop weeding) and missed all this fanatic activity, so was surprised when I came up over the hill to see all this activity. On request from John Hudson I then managed to get into the Callair VH-APC and did 12 tows for the comp pilots to test set up of systems in their gliders. Many were full of water and 75kts might be the standard launch speed for the next two weeks.
A word on the unofficial practice day Monday 4th to follow.