Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Busy days at Waikerie

We’ve just run the first day of SAGA Performance Week at Waikerie. There over 20 gliders and about 40 glider pilots here. We’re flying every day for the next two weeks.

Several of our Japanese members are here, and after passing their check flights, have been flying the Duo Discus and single seaters.

It was quite busy yesterday with check flights and people flying in, but this was the first official day of Performance Week. Bernard Eckey ran a briefing this morning explaining the week’s program to those who haven’t been here before. Meanwhile, more AEF flights and check flights were happening.

A 2 hour AAT task was set. With help from Tim Laidler and his Cessna, all gliders were launched in short order. It’s still windy today, about 15-20 knots of south-westerly, but warm enough to make useful thermals: people completed tasks and everyone came back with no out-landings. Craig Vinall reports that he found climbs to 6,000 feet under Cu, with it being better to the south. The task was set about right: he averaged 109 kph, and newer pilots were still able to finish the task.

As you might expect, check flights continued into the afternoon.

I’m now returning to the club-house to see what lies are being told, and what Bernard is lining up for tomorrow.

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