If you’re thinking about weekend flying or introductory glider flights, it’s best to talk to the weekend flying coordinator: currently that’s Bill Mudge, whose details are on the contacts page. He will know about the Club’s flying days and times, and will help you make arrangements.

Gliders usually cannot  be booked for normal weekend flying.  However, if you are considering attempting a declared cross country flight, contact the weekend flying coordinator who will try to organise this activity within the normal club operations if possible.

Gliders can be booked for local competitions (such as Orange Week) and competitions or events at other locations.  This is done on a first-come-first-served basis and requires the approval of the Club President and the CFI.


  • Decide when you would like to arrive and depart Waikerie.
  • Choose your preferred accommodation.
  • Email your choices or questions to our Contact Form page or contact the President.

Accommodation bookings paid in advance will receive preference.

Fees will be refunded in full if cancelled more than 1 month before the booked date.

Fees will not be refunded if cancelled less than 2 weeks before the booked date, unless another booking is secured.

Your Arrival

If you have booked accommodation with us, please check in during business hours (9am to 5pm) if possible.