Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

AS K21 Update


The shipping container with Craig’s AS G29 and the Club’s AS K21 was closed up at the Schleicher factory in Germany on 26th June prior to shipment to Australia. It was expected the ship with this shipment would sail early in July, with a time interval to Melbourne of approximately 35 days. On arrival in Melbourne, the container will be transferred for on-shipment to Adelaide by rail, where it is expected around 11 – 12 August. At some point in the latter part of the voyage, it is necessary to clear Australian Customs and Quarantine requirements.

Unloading The Container

Once clear of the Customs and Quarantine requirements, it is currently planned for the container to be delivered to Neil Mansell Transport, 4 Hookina Road, Burton, SA, where it will be unloaded. Members are welcome to come and assist in the container unloading. The following items will be required to assist the unloading effort

  • Battery powered drills (lots of screws to undo)
  • Pry bars to “ease” things apart.
  • Trailers, to enable removal of the wooden packing, some of it to go to Waikerie for ongoing use.
  • Various tools (metric spanners etc).

It is planned to place the AS K21 into a trailer borrowed from the Balaklava Gliding Club, for transport to Waikerie.

C of A Inspection

It is necessary to conduct a “detailed Form 2” Inspection of the K21 for the issue of an Australian Certificate of Airworthiness. It is planned to do this immediately post-arrival to enable the aircraft to be placed on-line quickly.

Further Updates

Further updates will be provided as information becomes available, including the date and time of unloading the container. John Hudson

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