Australian Gliding, Nov 1955

2Introducing 'Glidair Sailplanes'Stephen Marton
4Pictures from the GFA Meeting
6Gliders fly at RAAF pageantRay Killmier
7Cross-country on a storm
7Nick Goodhart is first British Diamond C pilot
8Activities in CanadaPete Strickland
9Air pageant to be held at Mt GambierVic Cashmore
10A signal system for launchingKeith Jarvis
11Remarkable progress at Mt IsaNoel Hart
11Rapid expansion shown in NSWGA annual report
12CorrespondenceState associationsKen Davies
12Pageant at Benalla to mark GCV AnniversaryEwen Cameron
13New Skylark sailplane arrives in Melbourne
13Two gliding magazines amalgamate in England
13Gliding club being formed at the Alice
13Red BawlBrian Creer

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