Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

A few big days

Days 4 and 5 of the Multiclass Comp have been run. They were “big” days with pilots achieving amazing speeds. On day 4, Bruce Taylor’s raw average speed was 170.9 km/hr – the fastest anyone had flown in an Australian national comp.

On day 5, Bruce went a few km/hr faster, but was behind Lars Zehnder whose raw average was 177 km/hr. More details are on Soaring Spot.

Monday 6th has been declared a rest day. It’s still hot but 50 knot winds are forecast.

Not much been reaching this blog, as club members have been busy making the multiclass competition happen. Fortunately Mandy Wilson has been updating the blog at soaringspot.com/48ozmulti/news

A couple of quotes from Mandy’s news:

“I decided to fly faster today so I cruised at 120kts and eased off a bit when I got down to 7000′.”

“I flew faster than I’ve ever flown before, and at a speed that would have been a world record a few years ago. Today I finished mid-field.”

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