Sunday, November 21st, 2010

2010 SA State Comps – Day 4

Saturday 20th November – Day 4

The forecast for Day 5 was considerably improved over the previous days, particularly to the west of Waikerie, with Cu expected along the Flinders Ranges and thermals to around 10,000 Ft.


A speed task was set, from Waikerie to Farrell Flat (near Clare), Peterbourough, Spalding and return to Waikerie, a total distance of 428 km.


After the first launch at 1206 Hrs the Start Gate opened at 1332 Hrs.

The run to Farrell Flat was relatively slow, but Cu on the ranges ensured heights and speeds picked up on the run to Peterborough and back to Spalding. Terry Cubley landed at 1733 Hrs followed by Peter Temple at 1743 Hrs and Craig Vinall at 1746 Hrs.


Pilot reports of hi climb rates under Cu – 11-12 kts – to around 10,000 Ft and long glides under the Cu providing some good speeds.


The overall position after Day 4 put pilots in the following order;

          Terry Cubley          3919

          Peter Temple          3757

          Craig Vinall           3344

          Grant Hudson          3103

          Mathew Scutter          2436

          Greg Jackson          2131

          Peter Paine            2076

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