Saturday, November 20th, 2010

2010 SA State Comps – day 3

Friday 19th November

The weather improved significantly overnight – from a full cloud cover on Day 3 to “blue” conditions on Day 4, with a forecast max temp of 25 with light south-easterly winds.

The task set for the day – Waikerie – Merribah (30 km circle), Lake Culleraine (40 km circle) – Waikerie Finish, providing a minimum distance of 218 km, a point-to-point distance of 323 Km and a max distance of 436 Km.

Conditions on the task were not up to the forecast, with scrappy thermals topping at lower than predicted levels of around 4500 Ft.

Peter Temple won the day, flying 323 km at a speed of 87.1 km/hr. Second was Terry Cubley who flew 320 km at 84.5 km/hr and Craig Vinall at 294 km at 81.3 km/hr.

John Hudson

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