Friday, November 19th, 2010

2010 SA State Comps – Day 2

2010 State Comps – Thursday 18th November


The weather forecast for Thursday was gloomy – with a bank of rain-cloud on the south-western horizon at daybreak and a prediction of rain (which is lately more commonly seen in Queensland).


At the 10.00 am Briefing, it was agreed to meet again at 11.30.

At 11.30, with some blue holes appearing in the cloud cover, it was agreed to get ready. The task, a 2 hour AAT from Waikerie to Wunkar (20 km circle), Overland Corner (15 km circle), Lock 2 (15 km circle), Woolpunda (5 km circle) and return to Waikerie.


Peter Temple sampled the sky launching at around 12.30 – finding 5 kts to around 3000 Ft – the remainder of the fleet was launched. The Start gate was opened just prior to 14.00 hrs, with rain showers obvious on the south-western horizon.


Some pilots flew to Wunkar while other just entered the circle. The cloud base lifted as further holes appeared in the cloud. At around 1500 hrs, the surface wind increased to around 20 kts from the south-west.

Two gliders landed out close to Waikerie.


Day 2 Preliminary scores

          1. Terry Cubley          86.0 km/hr

          2. Peter Temple          76.3 km/hr

          3. Craig Vinall          67.6 km/hr

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