Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Weekend of 10 & 11 May

May 10 & 11

The weekend was planned as a Working Bee to undertake a number of tasks around the Clubs facilities. It was unfortunate that so few turned up, resulting in a number of tasks not being undertaken.

Yo Hasegawa, from Japan visited Waikerie for the weekend, having returned to Australia to undertake a 3 hour Nav-ex to complete the requirements for his Japanese PPL. Yo took the opportunity to have a check-flight with Bill Mudge before flying the Astir KYS for the first time as a syndicate owner. Yo stayed on to help with the Working Bee.

Others who turned out to help were David Conway, who with John Ridge felled some of the dead trees around the facilities, Mark Morgan, Craig Vinall, David White, Greg Jackson, Peter Paine, Allen Hudson, Nigel, Aiden and Dion Baker, David Jones – whi fitted weather strips to a number of doors and undertook some other minor repairs/adjustments etc on buildings, Graham Francis and Andrew Wright.

There were some passengers, who were flown by Bill Mudge before David Schenke flew with Bill. Greg Jackson ferried the Tug from Parafield to Waikerie (which was delayed by fog over the hills) before completing a number of tows.

The next Flying Weekend is 24-25 May, with the Club’s AGM scheduled for Saturday afternoon, 24th May.

John Hudson

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