Monday, January 13th, 2014

33rd National Club and Sports Class Competition Day 8

Day 8 turned out to be another very tricky day for all the Organisers, Task Setters and Pilots. With 14 Outlanding and a few pilots not making a start. The top pilots all scored reasonably well to either hold onto their existing placing or only move up and down one place. The skill of the pilots must be commended to overcome each days very variable and testing conditions and yet still achieve speeds in the low to mid 100’s. Congratulations to Matthew Scutter Sports Class Champion and Tobias Geiger Club Class Champion. List of Trophy winners and pictures on the GFA web blog.

Richard Geytenbeck kept us amused with his daily cartoons based on unusual events and an inventive mind. Sand castles for aerotow retrieves, hand spinning props, Wilgas going around in circles Tuggy left foot problem; all could have occurred or did happen. Very witty thanks Richard.

We had 6 tow planes for the competition. One Scout from Temora; One Scout from Benalla; The Yellow Dog Callair from central Victoria, Wilga from Horsham; the Pawnee from Gawler and the Waikerie Pawnee. Thanks must go out to the Tuggy’s who not only ferried there planes long distances for this competition but flew safely and skilfully throughout the event. Both Gawler and Waikerie tugs share a few days with relief pilots. We thank John from Gawler and Kent from Waikerie your assistance was appreciated. Next year’s National Open Class Championship will require us to do it all again. We only have 2 tugs in South Australia capable of pulling the big guns and water ballasted 15 metre gliders into the air on a hot day so we will be looking at ferrying at least another 4 of the more powerful tugs across from the Eastern States next year. Remembering that many of the pilots come from the eastern clubs and we will need your support to convince your clubs to send the tugs. National Comps are a (GFA) National event that just cannot be run without National support.

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