Thursday, November 18th, 2010

2010 SA State Comps – practice and Day 1

Tuesday 16th November, 2010.
Today was an unofficial practice day for the 2010 SA State Comps.
Grant Hudson in his LS-4 “IID” flew xxx km at a speed of xx km/hr in ideal conditions, providing climbs to 7500 Ft.
Mark Morgan and Rudi Gassmaier also flew, in the Nimbus 4DM and Ron Brock flew his LS-3, being last to land at around 1800 Hrs.

Wednesday 17th November, 2010.
Six gliders assembled for the SA State Comps at Waikerie today. Pilots flying were; Peter Temple (ASC LS-8), Matthew Scutter (ASC LS-4), Craig Vinall (WGC LS G29), Greg Jackson (WGC LS-4), Grant Hudson (WGC LS-4), Peter Paine (WGC LS-7) – an almost all LS fleet.

Following briefing, the gliders were launched from 1230 Hrs, allowing the start gate to open at around 1325 Hrs for a 3 hour task from Waikerie Aerodrome to Notts Well (10km circle), Peebinga (30km circle), Lindsay River (15km circle) and back to Waikerie, a point to point distance of around 340 km in good conditions.

Tim Shirley kindly undertook to do the scoring for the competition – thanks Tim – remotely. Tim has set up a website that allows pilots to easily upload their logger traces. The scores can be seen here: Soaring Spot – SA state comp 2010

Climbs were achieved to 6000 Ft at up to 4-5 kts – with a some at up to 8 kts – but with a few dead spots around the task also.

Day one scores
1.Peter Temple, LS-8 at 97.7 km/hr
2.Craig Vinall, LSG-29, 95.8 km/hr
3.Grant Hudson, LS-4, 89.2 km/hr
4.Matthew Scutter, LS-4, 83.1 km/hr
5.Greg Jackson, LS-4, 82.3 km/hr
6.Peter Paine, LS-7, 78.3 km/hr.

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