Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

2010 SA State Comps – Day 5

November 21, day 5 and the weather looked to be even better than day 4 with thermal heights of 11000′ under cumulus predicted. Due to it being the last day of the competition a modest AAT with large circles was set WKI – Meribah (40km circle) – Wentworth (40 km circle) – WKI.

Danny Kilgariff self launched in his Ventus2CM about 1130 am to fly home to Tailem Bend via Lameroo and provided condition reports that early on weren’t very promising. Terry Cubley in the LS3 eventually took a launch at about 1345 and the rest of the fleet launched straight away with climbs locally to about 8000′ which enabled everyone to reach the cu that had been advancing from the SE and reach heights before the start of 11000′.

Everyone had a great time under the cu’s with very strong climbs of up to 12kts reported. Preliminary results for the day were:

1st Terry Cubley 415.8 km @ 131 kph
2nd Peter Temple 366.9 km @ 122 kph
3rd Grant Hudson 388.8 km @ 117kph

Craig managed 374km @ 121 kph but had a 150 point penalty for just missing the start circle.

These scores resulted in final positions for the 2010 SAGA State Championships of

1st Terry Cubley from ASC with 4924 points (out of a possible 5000 points!)
2nd Peter Temple from ASC with 4620 points
3rd Craig Vinall from WGC with 4050 points.

A great comp and we only have to wait about 5 weeks for the 2011 comps also at Waikerie.

Grant Hudson

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