Sunday, January 6th, 2008

State Comp wrap-up

A review of the 2008 SA State Comps reveals the following information: 11 entrants, ranging from Australian National pilots to first comp pilots, in sailplanes ranging from Single Astirs to AS G29. The weather also co-operated, with five of the seven days providing suitable conditions for climbs to above 10,000 and some reasonable tasks.

The overall Comp Results show David Pietsch in his AS W20 was third, Haidyn Dunn in his Pik20 was second and the comp was won by Graham Parker in his AS G29. Our congratulations to the winners and all the other competition pilots for a fun week of competition flying, and to all the non-competiton pilots who also flew from Waikerie during the week.

WGC pilot Peter Paine was awarded the “Most Meritorious” trophy for his effort – his first competition. Peter was suitably surprised to receive the award. Well done Peter.

An “Aussie Night” was held to wind-up the State comps. The group of Japanese members here provided a “Japanese Night” earlier in the week, complete with Sake, and this was in reciprocation. With skewered prawns on the BBQ, BBQ Lamb and roast vegetables followed by Pavlova provided the basis for a great wind-up night.

We now move into Coaching Week – with entries for this event from across the country. Its great to have Ingo Renner here as Guest Coach, together with a number of the SA Region Coaches under the leadership of Bernard Eckey.

Its also great to have Harry and Wendy Medlicott here to fly for a period.

Lets hope for another week of great conditions.

John Hudson

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