Monday, March 15th, 2010

13 March 2010.

Favourable weather was forecast again for Saturday 13th March. On Friday 12th, Mark (Morgan), Ron (Brock) and Allen (Hudson) went flying in good conditions under Cu to the north of Waikerie. During Saturday, the Cu again developed and progressively spread from the north of Waikerie to the west and south, providing good conditions to 6000-7000 Ft – but with a late start.

Two of the Club’s three new students – Matt Morgan and Sam Doecke were keen to get flying. Bill Mudge and Mark Morgan were the Instructors for the day. With check-flights for Peter Paine and David Lawley done – Matt and Sam got to fly before Craig (Vinall), Peter (Robinson) , David (Lawley) and Peter (Paine) all got airborne.

Later in the day, Hiro Yamada arrived, and after a check-flight with Mark Morgan in the Nimbus, Hiro also took off cross-country.

On Sunday, a high Cirrus delayed warming but provided excellent conditions for a couple of AEF’s for a father and son from Adelaide.

John Hudson

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